Rules / Regulations

    1. Catalan Federation of CAMPING RULES:


      (Associations of Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Lleida and Girona)


      Art. 1.- Everyone who registers and access Camping obliged to comply with these regulations and other provisions contained in the legislation (O.11 / 7/86-Art.30.1)

      Part of this regulation any particular provision of Camping to be exposed publicly.

      Art. 2.- be allowed entry only to those who are bearing the minimum equipment necessary to practice the activity go camping. Entry for children under 18 unless accompanied by adult person expressly take responsibility for the child's behavior is not admitted. (O.11 / 7/86-art. 30.2 and 31).

      Entry to those who are debtors to the Company for services rendered prior and whose amounts are not there Were effected on the day shall be permitted.

      Art. 3.- The admission of pets is optional for each campsite. In case of admission, they must conform to all the particular provisions set forth therein, particularly regarding potentially dangerous breeds, show the required documentation, both governmental and health and have them permanently attached, with owners responsible for the damage they can cause. (L.10 / 1999-30 / 07/99).

      Art. 4.- The client must prove your identity and that of his companions, with documentation, as determined by the direction of Camping, sufficient and sign the necessary documents for registration. (O.11 / 7/86-Section 32).

      Art. 5.- The current rates are set forth in the official poster. The prices apply for day according to the number of overnight stays. The camping day ends at 12 noon. At least one day will accrue and after 12 hours outputs will mean another day. (O.11 / 7/86-art.28.2).

      Art. 6.- The location of tents, caravans and other vehicles must be completed during the opening hours of Camping and squares to be allocated.

      Art. 7.- The electrical connection must be requested at time of registration.

      Art. 8.- Any service that Camping pay, without justification the current tourism legislation has absolute character of voluntariness, so it may suspend its performance in whole or part, at any time.

      Art. 9.- minimum use of vehicles within the site is recommended by limiting their speed to 10 km / h. Use sports, leisure or practical driving any kind of vehicles, especially motor being violators of this rule civil or criminal responsible for any accident is not allowed.

      Art. 10.- entry is not allowed to people not staying at the campsite.

      Art. 11.- Quiet hours are from 24.00. at 0700 h. During these, the client will avoid all sorts of noises or voices and regulate the sound and lighting equipment so as not to cause discomfort to neighbors. The movement of vehicles is prohibited, except for previously authorized emergency.

      Art. 12.- Obligations.

      1. a) Submit to the particular rules of the Directorate of Camping aimed at maintaining order and the smooth functioning.
      2. b) Respect existing vegetation, avoiding actions or using items that harm.
      3. c) Comply with general facilities using them properly and leaving them able to be used again, even the spaces occupied by shops tending to dispel any earthmoving they have made.
      4. d) Observe the logical rules of coexistence and public order, extremándolas if possible, considering the particularities of camping activity.
      5. e) Communicate to the address Camping cases of contagious disease.
      6. f) Collect all waste in closed bags, placing them in containers that exist for that purpose.
      1. g) To pay for services used in accordance with the rates and conditions established.
      2. h) Leaving the campsite with all the equipment at the end of the contracted stay.
      3. i) Have a single fire extinguisher.
      4. j) Provide liability insurance to third parties.
      5. k) Have the appropriate permissions butane or propane.
      6. l) Take precautions for the safety of your belongings and values.

      Art. 13.- Prohibitions.

      1. a) Disrupting the rest of the other campers during quiet hours.
      2. b) Playing games or sports that may be hazardous or disturbing others.
      3. c) Turn on the ground any type of fire, except for butane gas stoves or charcoal barbecues, always adopting the highest security measures.
      4. d) Insert animals that have not been authorized.
      5. e) Possession of any weapon ú object that can cause accidents.
      6. f) Leave waste outside the containers for that.
      7. g) Introduce not people staying at the campsite without permission of the Directorate.
      8. h) Tender clothes in unauthorized or where they can cause discomfort to other places.
      9. i) Install fences, fences or awnings on parcels and other items for which no prior authorization has been obtained.
      10. j) Perform any kind of acts that may damage or harm the property, hygiene or appearance of the site.

      Art. 14.- can not be left unoccupied caravan park, unless authorized by the Director of Camping.

      Art. 15.- In the event of default or neglect, the address may be transferred Camping camping items to a new location outside the campsite without the security offered on the site, to let the free plot expeditiously.

      Art. 16.- other conditions Unless otherwise agreed, the deadline for payment of the amounts due for stays or services expires at the end of the day (12 hours). Consequently, at all times the client may require payment of overdue days. In special circumstances, the judgment of management, it may request payment in advance.

      Art. 17.- The camper who violates any aspect of this regulation will be asked to leave the campsite and if not done voluntarily, will be expelled by the Director, who is officially empowered to do, requiring if need be, the help of forces public order. (O.11 / 7/86-art.30.2)

      Art. 18.- The Company's Camping is not responsible for the theft, theft or damage of any kind that may be victims campers and their belongings. Nor is liable for damage caused by fires caused by campers themselves or their belongings, atmospheric incidents or any other cause external to the enterprise.

      Art. 19.- The client, by the mere fact of registering in Camping, accepts know and gave its assent to this Internal Regulations and all other individuals Art.1º second paragraph refers to standards.

copy of the insurance provided by the campsite:

    • SANCHEZ-PLANE INSURANCE S.C.P. Mayor de Sarria, 61-08017 BARCELONATel. 93 252.52.10 - Fax. E. mail: asanchez@segurosbilbao.comCARAVAN INSURANCE COVERAGE AND MODULES (In Facilities Camping ROCA GROSSA) GROUP INSURANCEFIREGUARANTEES: Damage caused by Fire, Explosion and Lightning. Medidasde secondary extinction and rescue. Expenses incurred by salvage, debris removal unit and caravan Inhabilitación.Valor by € 7,000 (including content, forward and kitchen)


      Are not covered damage caused by accidents of nature (rain, wind, hail and snow), or vandalism


      WARRANTIES: Damage to property (disappearance, destruction or deterioration) of the insured as a result of theft and / or robbery. Expenses for the repair of damage € 1500 MAXIMUM VALUE CONTENT: 1.400 €


      • Radio devices. Radio-cassettes. Stereos. TVs. Videos. Cameras

      photo and video.

      • Bicycles. Fishing rods. Snowshoeing, etc.

      • Valuables such as: Skins. Jewels and jewelry. Gold and silver objects. Metallic

      and checks.


      Property damage (limit per claim and annuity) 300,000 € (Excess € 150) Bodily injury € 90,000

      Responsibility for the sole and exclusive ownership of Caravans in the risk situation (excluding any that might correspond) derived third.

      They are treated as third Campers and Camping facilities itself.


      Windows methacrylate or the like € 900

i download price map:

2017 useful information:

Open daily from 9:30 to 20 h.
In high season from 8 to 21:00 pm
Phone 0034 937691297
Outside office hours 0034 628598873
Overnight (EMERGENCIES ONLY) from 21:00 to 8:00 tel. 0034 606766840
ACCESS CONTROL: The campsite has an access control with license plate reading.
stop your vehicle at the stop in front of the barrier and the system will automatically open. if the system does not read your registration will not use the horn, back 3 meters and then stop again at the STOP painted on the floor. If the second attempt does not open the barrier contact reception.
MOVEMENT OF VEHICLESIs not permitted by the campsite circular from 24H to the have to leave after 24 hours.
Banned circular bike, skateboard ...
The non-compliance to this responsalblidad fall on the parents or guardians.
SILENCE: Between 24:00 and 8 am.
During July and August: open from 8:00 to 24:00.
The rest of the season from 9 to 20.
POOL SNACK BAR : Is in the pool area with fantastic views, here you can eat meals, sandwiches, chicken a l'ast, drinks and ice.
Open daily from May 1 des until September 15.
In July and August there are two nights that opens to show from 9 to 23:30
POOL: 25m by 12m pool and another 10 small 5M.
Lifeguard and has free sun beds
Animation in the water in July and August, see timetable at reception.
Open from May 1 to September 25.
Schedule during the high season from 9 to 19:00
INTERNET: In the lobby bar is coin-operated computers.
From April 1 to September 30 from 9 to 21:00
WIFI: wireless connection is available in plots and bungalow.
1 hour 4 € 8 € 1 day 7 days 14 days € 14.90 € 24.90 € 29.90 120minutis 30 days (30days) 8 € 500 minutes (60 days) € 17.90 1000minutos (60 days) € 24.90 .
SUPERMARKET here you will find everything you need to meet your needs while staying at the campsite
Open every day during July and August 8-21
Rest of the season Monday through Friday from 9 to 14, Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30 to 15 and 17 to 20.
If during the low season it is closed on opening hours, requesting access to the waiter of the restaurant.
PLAYGROUND: There are 2 one at the entrance of the camp and another in the pool area
HEALTH: 10 sanitary blocks scattered around the campsite with hot water from 7:00 to 24:00. we also have 3 more blocks reinforcement or proximity.
Two baby bathtubs (see map camping).
LAUNDRY: We have washing machines.
You can buy the cards at the reception.
Free camping at the entrance (ask at reception)
WC QUIMICA: We have 4 points of casting. See map camping.
PETS: At the reception they will give away bags to collect feces.

Recharging battery: recharge the battery in your camera, computer, etc..

Animation: children's entertainment program in the months of July and August.
In the evenings 3 days a week flamenco, dancing and shows.
See calendar on the bulletin board or at the reception.
WASTE: separate waste and deposit in containers. the glass, paper, plastics are at the entrance of the campsite.
Not throw plastic or other solid waste such as tampons, pads or ear buds to the toilet, and hindering the purification of water.
SAFE: Available at reception.
E: Daily collection service.
FREEZER: available in reception, free service (for water or ice bars)
COOLER: Fridge rental minimum 3 days, daily price € 6.
WATER: All water is potable
ELECTRICITY: shots in the bungalow or bathrooms is 220w.
The price is 8.00 € per day 6A
BARBECUE, Are permitted provided that is not forbidden by generalitat i / or Mosses.
Always be made with coal.
LOST: if they have been found by a worker or customer will find the reception.
THEFT: The campsite is not responsible for valuables not deposited at the reception.
SITE CONTRACT OR BUNGALOW : Once the room, every day will be paid even in case stipulated leave before the agreement.
SCHEDULE OF BUNGALOW: DE 14H A 10H minimum 2 nights in July and August 7 nights
RECEPTION 0034 937691297 – 0034 628598873
NIGHT WATCHMAN 0034 606766840
Emergency: 112
TAXI : 676288288

HELP TO IMPROVE: Questionnaires are available at reception quality may bring into the suggestion box.